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Impress with new technology


At CodeImpact we provide many software development and recruitment services

We distinguish ourselves by using new technologies so that we can develop the perfect software. Also, recruitment is an essential part of our services. We are happy to help startups set up their product and market them. Because we are an IT company ourselves, we have a good view of the world of IT, and we can also match the right IT specialists in your company which can help you make your startup successful.

Our specialties


We select IT professionals worldwide to strengthen your team

Web and app development

Whether it concerns a mobile (android/ios) app, custom software, or a cloud solution, we are happy to put your product on the market

Website development

A website with a content management system where you can easily manage the content of your site with packages such as Drupal, Typo3, or WordPress


Web stores where you can sell your products, we mainly use Magento and Shopify to boost your sales

We are happy to help you put down an outstanding product and bring it to the market