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The CodeImpact way


The best of both worlds combined: the space for personal development and an entrepreneurial mentality plus the security that freelancers do not have. Accounting, acquisition, and waiting for payouts: you don’t have to worry about that. All the “hassle” is taken care of, and the focus is always on you. Do you want to work on exciting projects for appealing clients, determine what your schedule would look like, and have guaranteed income? In other words: do you want to experience the benefits, but not the burdens of entrepreneurship? Then The Codeimpact Way is perfect for you. Via CodeImpact, you earn a salary of 70% of the sales rate. And do you not have an assignment? Then your CodeImpact contract will take care of you, and you can count on a financial safety net.


  • Personal development

    The focus is on personal development. You are central, and we will ensure that the assignments suit you and advise and encourage you to develop and grow. Standing still is not an option.

  • Flexibility

    You are flexible in organizing your time, the number of hours you work, and you can choose which assignments suit you best. Only do what you like? Everyone wants that.

  • No relationship or non-competition clauses

    As a freelancer, you are free to work and will therefore not have to deal with competition clauses here.

  • No notice period

    You can cancel the employment contracts at any time.

  • Fixed salary + bonus

    You will receive a fixed salary, and in total, you will receive 90% of the turnover you have made.