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Remote DevOps Engineer


Intro Intro

We invite you to become a part of our strong international team in the most driving high-tech industry. Make an impact by working for sectors where technology is the enabler, where everything is ground-breaking and there’s a constant need to be innovative.

Responsibilities Responsibilities

  • You should be able to build from scratch a DevOps solution with workflows for approval, publish, deployment and validation of open-code components;
  • Build and actively contribute to the requirements and governance design of this type of approach (and build the required automation pipelines to ensure it);
  • Actively contribute to the selection of third-party components required for the automation of the mentioned scope;
  • Document architecture and implemented processes;
  • Ensure the continuous improvement and automation of the processes;
  • Work autonomously;
  • Work with other teams with the goal to support and promote the usage and re-usage of developed solution and open-code assets.

Requirements Requirements

  • Previous experience with: Git, Maven, Docker, Kubernetes, Sonar, Java;
  • Highly valuable experience with: Nexus, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitLab, Spring Boot, ReactJS;
  • Previous Experience with DevOps solutions.
Personal traits:
  • Ability to adapt to different contexts, teams and Clients
  • High capacity of problem-solving
  • Working on the Continuous improvement
  • Understanding the big picture
  • Teamwork skills but also sense of autonomy
  • Motivation for international projects and ok if travel is included
  • Willingness to collaborate with other players
  • Strong communication skills.