Stage category: ongoing

Burst Trade

The BurstTrade application allows traders to forget about missed opportunities. Every trader can make his setup to SELL / BUY stock or cryptocurrency when the price meets some conditions. The application simplifies trading so that people don’t need to watch the chart 24/7. When a user sees some pattern, he can just save it in … Continued


The XaXaX project is an exciting game that is available for peer-to-peer and computer gaming modes.


We developed this project for the University of Amsterdam. It allows students to identify their family relationship problems. Thanks to this app, the university can help create awareness for students on family and relationship problems. The app consists of admin and user panels. The user panel has multiple-choice questions that students must answer by choosing … Continued

PBC Support

We developed PBC Support to make everything related to painting more accessible and more efficient. The platform aims to prevent misunderstandings, give the customer full attention, and deliver the best quality work. In short, when using PBC Support, you strive for the highest customer satisfaction—developed by and for the painter, based on the passion for … Continued