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OBS De Klim

We developed the OBS de Klim digital portfolio for students from 4 to 12 years old and their teachers. The digital portfolio is with annual themes that tie in with today’s world; students can make connections and constructively use their knowledge. This project aims not to replace the report but to introduce a digital measuring … Continued


We developed this project for the University of Amsterdam. It allows students to identify their family relationship problems. Thanks to this app, the university can help create awareness for students on family and relationship problems. The app consists of admin and user panels. The user panel has multiple-choice questions that students must answer by choosing … Continued


We have been able to carry out a significant project for Vodafone. This project aimed to import CDR records from different systems automatically. Thanks to our solution, it has become easy for Vodafone and customers to see bills.

Who is De Mol?

For the well-known television program of the AVROTROS, we started working with the famous app that is available in the Apple and Google Play Store. With this app, viewers can play along and bet on who they think the Mole is.

University of Maastricht

We have developed a separate module for the EPASS application for the University of Maastricht. This module makes it possible to create forms for students. Usability was an advantage, so users can simply drag components into their form.

LAS alarm systems

Together with the developers of LAS Alarmsystems we have been able to develop an application where residents of a neighborhood can warn each other. We are among other things responsible for the push notification that one gets when there is a neighbor on the alarm button is pressed.

Zuyderland Hospital

At the Zuyderland Hospital Group, we have been working on the EPD and the automatic implementation of various sources. You can think of, for example, echoes, data from the lab, or bicycle tests.


At the Dokdata company, we started working with complex algorithms. The company is working with many order pickers and requested to walk along the large warehouse corridors. There we are, through our successful algorithm, their work became possible.