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Anastasiia Kashchavtseva

Hey, this is Anastasiia. As a full-stack developer, I’m aimed to perform the best solution for both sides of web tasks. With a great passion for NodeJS applications and Typescript’s strictness, I am implementing the new features, analyzing the existing solutions, and striving to find the proper way to succeed more and the best. I … Continued

Emma van den Berg

Hello this is Emma, My goal as a Resource Consultant at CodeImpact B.V. is to find new talents and match them to the great opportunities our clients provide. My passions in life are: traveling, watch movies and having fun with friends and family.

Ilia Shubitidze

Hello, this is Ilia. I’m certified Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of working in the gambling industry. Skilled in Agile methodologies, networking, teamwork and leadership. I’m driven with people and communication, so I’m here to serve the team and company to be more Agile, work together more productively, in enviable environment. Except this I … Continued

Kristine Tabidze

Hi! I have always loved STEM, that’s why I decided to become a developer. But besides coding, my hobbies are reading, knitting, sewing and going sightseeing with my friends.

Artem Kuzmenko

Hi, I’m Artem, a PHP – Laravel developer. Also, I have good knowledge of frontend technologies. I’m always happy to learn new things and implement them in my work. I’m obsessed with clean, pure, and understandable code and architecture. Besides work, I like exploring authentic and landscape places. I’m also a snowboarder.

Olena Zhelezniak

Hello, this is Olena. I’m responsible for seeking candidates for open job positions in CodeImpact B.V. I’m skilled in analyzing, negotiating and social media management. My soft skills are empathy and relationship building. I’m a foodie and life lover. Hobbies Interior decor decor design and craft Cooking Traveling

Marina Khort

Hello, this is Marina, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and passionate about learning some new and interesting information. I am a part of the recruitment team at CodeImpact B.V. and my goal is to fill all the opened positions with the real IT specialists.

Maria Zhabyuk

Hi, I’m Maria. I like to design things (websites, posters etc). I am open-minded person, I love doing yoga, travelling, hiking in the mountains.  I love meeting new people. I am Ukrainian ?

Anastasia Nikiforova

Hello, this is Anastasia. I’m a certified Scrum Master and Project manager. At CodeImpact B.V my responsibilities are to manage each project’s scope and timeline, coordinate sprints, retrospective meetings, and daily stand-ups, coach team members in Agile frameworks, facilitate internal communication and effective collaboration, and many others. Last 5 years I’m working on building successful … Continued

Nikola Tasin

Hello, this is Nikola. As a highly organized individual, I am striving to lead the path in both traditional and agile methods of project management. My current role at CodeImpact B.V as a Scrum Master guides the team to work more productively by teaching them the Scrum framework through coaching, mediation, and facilitation techniques. I … Continued