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Program Manager


Intro Intro

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Amerikaans Engels.


Responsibilities Responsibilities

  • Overall management of the work in accordance with the detailed project plan
  • Planning, controlling and executing the work required for the Replacement of the billing system in accordance with the signed Statement of Work
  • Producing and updating Project Schedules, Project Plans, Project Documents and other deliverables in compliance with the Statement of Work
  • Establishing the framework of critical activities by conducting the full analysis of the sequence of work
  • Central coordination point between the Vodafone Ukraine team and the Vodafone Group team – bringing the teams together to bridge the geographic, cultural and language differences
  • Negotiating between both teams to find solutions to challenges
  • Arrange and conduct meeting activities aligned to the communication plan on a daily/weekly/monthly and on-demand basis to increase the awareness and visibility of the program
  • Work with the Vodafone Ukraine program manager to ensure that the program is adequately resourced and dependencies are planned, tracked and met
  • Identify and elements of the program that may impact the program schedule, cost, and quality and introduce KPIs to track the success progress of the program.